The Most Important Investments to Make In 2021?

Last year marked the beginning of the Covid-19 global pandemic, an event that is still ongoing and has triggered considerable changes in how we go about our lives. The virus has also changed the way we work, spend our money, and how some industries operate. Overall, these modifications have changed the investment opportunities that people have taken advantage of in the past years.

The major shift in lifestyle that the world has experienced in 2020 has led to some of the most lucrative investment opportunities of the last decade. Here is what you need to know when looking to invest money throughout 2021:

Invest in Real Estate and Offer Properties for Rent

The real estate prices in many areas across the country have been drastically reduced. This is a result of indebted individuals being unable to pay their mortgages and looking to sell their home and properties, or losing them to the bank. Regardless of the situation, 2021 may be the best year to purchase real estate and to offer it for rent once the pandemic is under control.

As the infection rates rise and more individuals have their income rates reduced, the price of properties will continue to go down.

It is also important to keep an eye out for office buildings that are for sale. The pandemic has determined many companies to allow their employees to work from home and stop renting office spaces for them. The building that contains these spaces can be quickly transformed into apartment buildings, hostels, or student accommodation.  Most have bathrooms, kitchens, and are structurally sound, reducing the amount of money needed for their transformation.

Invest in a Foreign Cryptocurrency

Although most traditional forms of currency have been unstable since the pandemic has started, cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, has been on the rise. The current price of a single Bitcoin is almost £25,000, and it is expected to continue increasing in the coming months.

Most trading platforms allow users to purchase fractions of a bitcoin, which makes the investment opportunity great for all individuals, regardless of income level. Furthermore, keep in mind that this is not the only cryptocurrency that is on the rise. The price of ethereum has been growing at a constant pace since 2021 began and now costs £930.

Ethereum may be the better choice for individuals who have a limited investment budget but want to take advantage of the cryptocurrency increase.

Invest in Ecommerce

One of the most affordable investment opportunities of 2021 is starting an online store. Ecommerce has become extremely profitable as a result of the fact that people are now ordering their products online rather than going out to purchase them in person. Furthermore, starting an online store only requires a domain, a website, and a minimal amount of money to serve as a starting budget for purchases.

Invest in a Local Delivery Company

If you ever have the opportunity to invest in a local delivery company, it is recommended that you do so. The shift in lifestyle that has been triggered by the pandemic has led to more and more people choosing to order products rather than go out and purchase them in person. This has made product delivery businesses extremely profitable, especially in large cities.

This having been said, it is not advised to start a delivery business from the ground up because there are many companies that are already competing with each other and it may be difficult to take a new entry that does not yet have a client base may and make it profitable, especially in densely populated urban areas.