How to Create an Effective Savings Scheme for Retirement?



As reliable as the governmental retirement pension may seem to be, its value can still be affected by a multitude of factors, the most important of which are state laws and the state of the national and international economy. This makes it important to have a financial backup for when you retire, and the best course of action is usually to deposit as much money as possible in multiple accounts. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the accounts are from multinational banks or established private lenders.

Open a Savings Account and Avoid Withdrawing Money from It

Savings account are designed specifically to give individuals a place to keep their money for an extended period. They are extremely affordable and most banks will open and administer them for free provided that the account holder makes regular contributions. Generally speaking, you can access the money in your savings accounts whenever you need to, however, it is better to avoid doing so.

The bank will pay interest to the account owner, depending on the amount of money that has been deposited. While the interest rate alone may not seem like much, the compound interest that can be earned over time makes savings accounts very profitable.

It is not uncommon for individuals to open one or more savings accounts, contribute to them regularly, up to the point where they can live off of the interest rate alone. However, this requires decades of regular contributions are a bit of planning.

Budget Your Income

One of the main issues that some individuals have with savings accounts is the fact that the contributions need to be made every month and they need to be somewhat consistent in terms of value. This can be difficult for those who either have debt that they need to repay, or who have large monthly expenses.

Luckily, these issues can usually be resolved by budgeting one’s income. There are several ways to budget your finances, however, the most efficient one is to create lists that contain essential expenses and creature comforts. The essential expenses cannot be modified, however, should be possible to divert money from creature comforts and optional expenses (Netflix, Hulu, game subscriptions, premium device purchases, etc.) to the savings account deposits.

Doing so will not only enable you to waste less money, but also give you a chance to focus your finances on important things.

Set Up Automatic Deposits

Once you have your budget, consider setting up automatic payments to your savings account. Also, it is better to make the deposits on the same day that you receive your salary, to prevent the money from being used on other things.

These automatic deposits can usually be set up through a smartphone app offered by the bank. Please keep in mind that you may be charged for the money transfers, especially if the account that your salary is paid to is from a bank other than the one that you opened your savings account with.

It May Be Beneficial to Have Two Savings Accounts

Not all banks and lending companies that offer savings accounts are created equal. First of all, each one may offer a different interest rate, which means that is important to look at multiple offers before deciding to open the account.

Secondly, some companies or banks can be more financially stable than others. Starting a retirement fund through a savings account is an endeavour that requires several decades to complete, a time during which a lot can happen. This is why it is usually recommended to open two savings accounts: one with a very stable bank (so that your money will always be safe), and one with a private company that offers a very high interest rate. You should contribute to both of them, however, if the company ever has financial issues, be prepared to transfer all the money to the more stable savings account.

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